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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Crypto-Power.biz?

    Crypto-Power biz is a legal company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

  • Who can be a client of crypto-power.biz?

    Everyone is welcome to be a client of crypto-power.biz.

  • How can I start earning from crypto-power.biz?

    It's simple. you have to register an account, registration is completely free.To register a new account, simply click the "Register" button or the "Sign Up" link and fill out the required information. After registration, you become an official member, and can be able to execute an investment with us and start earning.

  • Can I use my mobile device to carry out my transanctions?

    Yes! Our website is fully mobile responsive and functional with all devices.

  • Can I Register multiple accounts from the same device/IP address ?

    Yes, you can register multiple accounts from the same computer or IP address, and they can be your referrals, we have no restrictions against that.

  • Is your website fully secure?

    Yes we have a wide range of security measures to protect your account. Our website is protected against DDoS attacks, all transferred data are SSL-encrypted. We use a licensed script for transactions together with online security certificates, you are able to see full list on our main page. Our website is located on of the best servers.

  • How do I make my investments here?

    After Registration, simply login to your account dashboard and click on the MAKE DEPOSIT button, Choose the investment plan of your choice, depending on the amount you want to invest and the duration. You can choose from any of our investment plans, select your preferred payment gateway, enter the amount you want invest, and then finally click on Make deposit to proceed. The system will redirect you to the payment gateway secure website or generate a wallet address for you, copy the address and send your investment to it. After your transfer gets at least 3 confirmation from the blockchain network, your deposit will be added to your account and hence you get your earnings hourly depending on your plan.

  • What payment gateways can I use here?

    You can use any or the combination of these 7 payment systems for deposits and withdrawals: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Doge

  • What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?

    The minimum investment amount is 20$ and the maximum amount is unlimited per transaction. You can have as many deposits as you want. So there is no maximum for your investment portfolio.

  • What is the minimum and maximum withdraw amount?

    The minimum withdraw is $0.50 for perfectmoney and for BTC $10 because of high price, for the other cryptocurrency minimum withdraw is $5. Here is no maximum withdraw limit in crypto-power.biz. A client can withdraw any amount from the main balance and unlimited time in a day.

  • How long does it take for my deposit to be active ?

    Your deposit is automatically added to your active investment after 3 confirmations from the blockchain network for crypto currencies, and instantly for PerfectMoney.

  • When will I get my profit after investment?

    Profits are credited on your account on a hourly basis, the first profit you will see after 1 hour in your Account Balance.

  • How can I earn from referral program?

    You can invite people through your referral link. If any one signup by clikcing your link and deposit so you will get a good % of referral comission from your active referrals.We have 3 level referral program 5%-2%-1%. You can earn referral commission and withdraw the money without having your own active deposit.

  • Do I need an active deposit to withdraw my referral commissions?

    No need. You can earn referral commission and withdraw the money without having your own active deposit.

  • How can I make a withdrawal?

    To request for withdrawal, login to your account and click on Withdraw icon on your dashboard, enter the amount you want to withdraw, click and select the currency in which you have this balance and then click proceed. Your withdrawal processed instantly.

  • Can I withdraw my principle investment any time?

    Yes, you can, for this we will charge some fee.

  • Is your withdraw system is instant ? Do you have any hidden charge for withdraw?

    Yes our withdraw system is instant. We have no fees for withdraw.

  • How can i change my account data?

    Yes you can change your account data by following some procedure. These procedure is for protecting your account from hacking. Please knock at our 24/7 active live support service for change your account data.

  • Cyrpto-Power is long term or stable program?

    Yes of course. crypto-power is a stable and permanent business.